How the story benefits the reader 

(Linking to EYFS curriculum) 


Reception children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Three Little Christmas Pigs.’ 

All children sat beautifully demonstrating fantastic attention and recall. The story delivered against much of the Prime Areas of the EYFS, particularly Communication and Language. I noticed that each child joined in with repeated refrains and full of excitement and enthusiasm; “the hair on my chinny chin chin.”This repetitive language supported children with EAL and SEN needs increasing their speaking and listening skills. The story encouraged the reader to use vocabulary and forms of speech to increase the children’s concentration. It also linked nicely against the Specific Areas of the EYFS, in particular, Literacy, Mathematics and Expressive Arts & Design. There are many learning opportunities for number work like counting the wheels on the bus and saying one number name for each item; Expressive Arts and Design by singing familiar and favourite nursery rhymes like ‘The Wheels on the Bus.’ Furthermore, Reception children were able to use their phonics skills to segment the sounds in simple words like ‘chin’ and ‘pig.’ The story offered the reader to use actions within the story to increase the children’s interaction too.


All children sat beautifully, engaging in the questions that were asked about the plot.  The reader was able to address differentiated questions and prompt children that needed a little more support. They anticipated key events and phrases in the story and could express their favourite part. “The Father Christmas part” was popular amongst the group. We really enjoyed the story, especially the narration and illustrations. Thank you, Story Storks. 

Amelia Dixon, Head of Early Years, Park Hill School

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