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Story Storks are proud to present their first picture book.  The book features the beautiful illustrations of the very talented Hannah Hines.  In addition, Sarah Cantrill, Artistic Director & Founder of Story Storks, has written this classic tale and poured her early years' literacy ‘know-how’ into the book.


Far from being an ordinary picture book, The Three Little Christmas Pigs is a tool to help improve your child’s pre-reading, or early reading skills. 

In short, reading this book will help to develop your child's phonological awareness, expand their vocabulary, encourage them to read easy words and become more print aware, and that's for starters.  For more details on the science behind our book, click Piggy Straw!

And don't just take our word for it. Click on Wolfie to find out why Head of Early Years, Amelia Dixon, uses this book with her pupils.

The Three Little Christmas Pigs will be available to buy from the 23rd November 2017 on Amazon.