Far from being an ordinary picture book, The Three Little Christmas Pigs is a tool to help improve your child’s pre-reading, or early reading skills. 


Phonological awareness – the knowledge that words are made up of smaller words and a precursor to phonics, phonological awareness is reliable indicator of how easily a child will learn to read.  The higher the phonological awareness, the easier a child will find reading.  This book is written in rhyme, a tried and tested method of increasing phonological awareness.


Vocabulary – children with a larger vocabulary also have an easier time of learning to read.  Exposure to big words, in a context that is relevant to them, will help them to develop a vocabulary.  There are plenty of testing words in this text, but placed in a context so that the children will understand their meaning.

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Typography – far from putting the words in a corner to maximise the amount of image, we’ve cleverly used the typography to enhance early years reading skills.  This includes

-        Different fonts/colours for different voices.  You can immediately determine which character you’re reading – essential if you like to do the voices!  It also                   means that early readers can just read one character, whilst a grown-up reads the rest.

-        Pulled out words – very early readers will be able to read some of the text as a grown-up reads the story to them.  i.e. Ding Ding!

-        Large font on clear light backgrounds, enabling early readers to easily read the words.  This will also help adults who are less confident in their reading ability,           which is cited as one of the main reasons that parents don’t want to read bedtime stories.

-        By making the copy more prominent, and a function of reading, children are more likely to become print aware, a highly recognised and key pre-reading skill.


Illustrations - The illustrations are detailed, and as well as backing up the main story, each scene contains a sub-story and additional characters, meaning that you can return to the book time and time again and spot something new.  Repetition is essential for children learning to read – hopefully, this tactic will help to keep it fun for the grown-ups!


Interactive – In addition, the illustrations help to make the book interactive, encouraging the reader to stop and ask questions.  How many wheels on the bus etc?  This approach is proven to aid children’s reading comprehension. 


But most of all, The Three Little Christmas Pigs is a well written funny, silly, laugh out loud story that grown-ups and children can enjoy together, and kids will continue to read once they’ve mastered the skill.  A child who goes on to read for pleasure is proven to perform better in their exams at 16, whole grades better.  The pleasure they derive from reading is often nurtured in the early years, and fun with bedtime stories plays a key role in driving that. 


We’ve written and illustrated this book to help and inspire early years children to become readers for pleasure.  If they get as much joy from it as we have putting it together, then they’re well on their way to getting there.