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(All 30 of them!)



Little Red Riding Hood – rhyme & colour

We help Red Riding Hood and her mother to make some vegetable soup for grandma before skipping off down the path.  When Red and Grandma are rescued they come up with a musical answer to help the wolf change his ways!


Jack and the Beanstalk – counting

Jacks magical beans take him up into the giant’s relm.  After we help the giants wife to cook breakfast Jack helps to count the giants gold and boogy on down with the magical harp!


Goldilocks - Shapes and Measure

We help Mummy Bear to put the house into order, putting everything from tallest to smallest, longest to shortest and we even think about volume.  Then we watch Goldilocks ruin it all for the sake of her fish.  Her fish?  Yep!  This classic tale incorporates EYFS maths and a good dose of comedy.  Kids have no idea they’re learning.  


Thumbelina – minibeasts

Sticking to the traditional tale Thumbelina goes on her life changing journey meeting a toad, a butterfly, a beetle, a mole, a mouse and a bird along the way.


Pied Piper – features harvest

We meet the residents of the farming town of Hamelin, including the hairy four-legged inhabitants!  We help the piper to get rid of the rats but face the consequences when the townsfolk break their promise.  Don’t worry – I bring the kids back!!!





The Firebird

Based on the part of the story told in the ballet we meet Prince Ivan, explore the magical garden and help the Firebird to rescue all the captives of the evil wizard Kaschei.


Treasure Island

What do Pirates do to have fun?  Play the drum of course!!  We set sail for treasure meeting some colourful characters along the way.


Oliver Twist

This wonderful story full of brilliant characters is a joy to tell.  We follow Oliver on his journey from rags to riches, learning how to ‘pick a pocket or two’ along the way (followed by a very serious conversation about why it’s wrong!)




King Midas

We learn how and why King Midas gets the gift of the golden touch and how this turns into a curse.  As King Midas turns his back on all things material we team up with Pan and take on Apollo in a musical contest.


The Pomegranate Seeds

This classic tale tells of the abduction of Persephone by Hades and how the Ancient Greeks believed that the coming of spring comes about when Persephone returns to her mother on the earth.


Jason & the Golden Fleece

We join the Argonauts and set sail to get the Golden Fleece and return Jason to his rightful place on the throne.  Watch out for the clashing rocks!




Three Little Pigs

After helping our little pigs to build their houses we join the big bad wolf on his attempt to get some lunch.



What’s in a name?  Quite a lot in the case of this little goblin. We help our little man to spin the straw into gold, then change sides to help the Queen keep her baby by guessing the little man’s name.


Elves and the Shoemaker

When our shoemaker is down to his last set of leather he receives some magical help.  A nice gentle introduction to doubling thanks to some unusual shoe shoppers!


The Golden Goose

Dumling’s act of kindness leads to him receiving the gift of a golden goose.  But his prize attracts unwanted hands and it’s not long before he has a procession of people attached to his goose.  This hilarious sight sees him getting a wife.


Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey meet…Foxy Loxy.  Will it be Chicken tonight – not before they’ve had a jamming session in Foxy Loxy’s den!


Beauty and the Beast

A classic telling of this most beautiful tale, we see Beauty and the Beast become friends.  But when Beauty’s family want her back she must make her choice between family and love.


Sleeping Beauty

When the wicked fairy ruins the birth celebrations of Briar Rose the kingdom takes steps to try to protect her.  When these fail only time and true love can save the day.



Conclusive proof that a good pair of shoes can change your life, we dance at all three balls with Cinderella and her prince.



When the evil witch locks Rapunzel away in her tower she has to find ways to keep herself entertained, but just until the handsome prince comes along to rescue her – kind of!


The Frog Prince

The Princess breaks her promises to the frog who rescued her ball and runs off.  However our froggy friend slowly catches up with her and she learns that a promise must be kept.


The Wild Swans

Princess Eliza is shipped off by her evil stepmother and her brothers turned into swans.  We join her on her journey to break the evil spell and find true love.


Dick Whittington

This wonderful British tale see’s young teenage Dick coming to London to find his fortune only to discover that the streets aren’t paved in gold after all.  We join him and his cat as they get rid of the rats, and then help him as he makes the agonising decision - should he save his mum, or keep his best friend.  What will the bells tell him?


Snow White

When Snow White grows up to be pretty her Step Mother grows pretty annoyed.  Our interactive magic mirror helps us to tell the story, save the girl, get rid of the queen and meet a handsome prince.  Oh, and she also sorts the 7 dwarves business accounts too.  What a lady!




The Dragon Painter – Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb)

Chang, the greatest painter in all China, is commissioned by the Emperor to paint his new temple (just as soon as we’ve helped the builders to build it).  But when Chang is ordered to paint the eyes on the dragon there are magical consequences.


St George & the Dragon – St George’s day (23rd April)

We follow the patron saint of England on his journey from baby to man to Saint.  When the Princess in his new home town is offered up the local dragon St George intervenes.  We fight the dragon, rescue the girl and have dragon sausages for tea!


The Princess & the Pea; spooky version! – Halloween (31st October)

The Princess and the Pea – Before our heroic Prince meets the girl of his dreams he first meets three other Princesses.  But are these ladies all that they sees?!  Spooky Halloween fun incorporating the Hans Christian Anderson classic.




Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Based on the traditional song, we learn all about the legend of Lapland, the elves that make the presents and how they arrive by magic on Christmas day.


St Nicholas

Why do we hang stockings over the fireplace?  Why do we give gifts and why does a man run round in a red cloak on Christmas eve?  We learn how the story of St Nicholas has given rise to the modern day father Christmas.


A Christmas Carol

Based on the Dickens classic we meet Scrooge and join him on his journey of enlightenment.  Accompanied by some of the most iconic Christmas Characters ever created the children are introduced to the best Christmas tale ever told tailored to their tender years.