Is my child too young?

No!  Your child is never too young for stories.  Infact, the earlier you start the better.  It’s proven that the first two years are crucial for your child’s language development.  Literacy is built upon language so getting those first two years right mean that you give your child a better foundation upon which to base their reading.  


Is it too late to start stories?

No!  Your child is never too old for stories!  Stories are everywhere.  On the television, in books, in films, in real life.  Kids just adore them.  Our stories for older kids still contain early years language development techniques that your child can start at any time.  They great thing about what we do is that your child won’t spot that anything educational is going on.  Infact if we’ve done our job properly you won’t either.  


My child won’t sit for a story.  Is there any point?

Yes!  We don’t just sit and listen.  Our stories are written to get kids up on their feet and get them acting out the story.  Below the age of 2 kids concentrate in and out so our stories are fast paced with something just round the corner to bring them back in.  Kids at this age can seem quite unfocused but often the story is going in.  Our free format means that the children can work at their own pace.  

“Story Storks not only provided my daughter with a love of stories, reading and performance. But also provided me with great times with my daughter and belly laughs when I was finding being a parent tough. A win win for us both. I would recommend Story Storks again and again.”

“We still sing the 'happily ever after' song at the end of every story where a happy ending seems appropriate! Maddie loved Story Storks and still talks about it. She got a huge amount out of it - including facing her fears of 'scary' characters - because even the scary ones were Sarah underneath!”  Sandra Brown

"You have taught both my girl and me that it is ok for both of us to be silly. Ok I have had a little too much beer for a Tuesday night and I have just read your email, but.....

When I moved down here 3 years ago story storks was the one thing we did religiously, yea there was gym and nursery (eventually) and there was sure start, but that made me feel uncomfortable, from a mum point of view. When we came to story storks, you gave me permission to be silly and act the story put to explain things to her in a world other than Disney. It is possible to fight off bad guys with drums, maracas and castanets. Thank you. 

We might not be able to attend any more, but I believe that her imagination would not be the same today without you and story storks. 

This may not be something you can relay to new parents that don’t have to think about school or curriculums, but it did more for my daughter than any of the physical things we did as a pre-schooler. 

I very much enjoy your blog and your follow up activities, but even if we can't come to the stories we can read them and build on the activities on our trip to school each morning -which involves many stories and beautiful ness! 

We have to pass the scary trees (thin ones are young and thick ones are old -and the thick ones have gnarly faces on) then Past the crocodile puddle (cos it looks like a croc)  then over the magic rainbow river once we have called on the magic potion shop to buy rainbow potion (which involves picking up a stick and throwing it into the stream every morning). 

This is possible cause we walked under a piece of blue cloth that was a waterfall and we can defeat evil with noise made with plastic. 


Please keep it up, your enthusiasm is infectious, and beneficial." 

"I love story storks and it brings out hidden confidence in children I think."

"My twin girls love coming to Storystorks and try and guess which story will be told each week! They now know how a story starts and ends and they love the madness in between! Sarah and her team are excellent at involving the girls with various tasks such as dancing around pretending to ride a horse or playing the musical instruments which they love. They also love the warm up dance routine to "Disco Inferno" which we even do at home! All in all, they love reading books at home so a job well done!" 

"My son loves story storks. We've been going since he was 7 months (he'll be 1 next week) thanks to my nanny employer who pays for us to attend with her son. We probably wouldn't have come if it wasn't for this and we would have missed out on a whole load of fun!"

"Me and my son love to come to Story Storks,to listen to  all wonderful stories and songs. my son feels very good and he is very happy when he is listening to stories. he has learnt lots of things."  

"Thomas is often stubborn like lots of 2 year olds and does not want to go into his class. But when he does he loves it and does not stop talking about it for hours and days afterwards. He loves a story with actions and songs probably because of his time at Story Storks."

"My daughter has participated in Story Storks sessions since she was 5 months old and has always loved them. She is captivated by the stories which are brought to life through music, song and dance. Later in the week she will often allude to small details from the story that has been told. I also really enjoy going to Story Storks. Not only can I see how engrossed my daughter is and how much she learns but there are bits that really make me laugh. Such a fab way to start each week. Couldn't recommend it highly enough."