For Children from 12 weeks through to 7 yrs old  (and ever so slightly for grown-ups too!)

STORY STORKS is a social enterprise on a mission to help and inspire every early years child to become a reader for pleasure when the time is right for them.  Children who go on to read for pleasure are proven to perform better academically at GCSE time. 

We run weekly interactive story workshops for babies from 12 weeks right through to the time they start school.  Our stories are choc full of mad characters, music, dance, comedy, song and roleplay.  Kids get to count a giant's gold, fight alongside knights and rescue princesses.


We don’t just sit and listen!


They're also specially written to develop children's early years language & literacy skills, from their first babble right through to phonics.  


This powerful combination of helping children to fall in love with stories whilst developing their early years language skills is proven to help children read when they go to school.


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Indeed 85% of children recently surveyed who have come through our workshops are right where they should be or ahead in their progression through the reading book scheme.  This out-performs the local and national average.  


More importantly, 100% of the children surveyed are motivated to read.  Even those that were struggling were trying like mad because they knew that stories were worth it.....and they'll get there in the end.  No child left behind.  


With three different levels written to accommodate the different development stage and a good healthy dose of humour for the grown-ups too these workshops are a beautiful introduction to stories for you and your child to share.