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STORY STORKS are proud to offer Interactive Storytelling workshops at Summerfield House Day Nursery for Little Learners and Pre-school children. 

Each week our storyteller will take the children on a different adventure, helping giants to count their gold, fight dragons, rescuing the little pigs and ride our horses to save the day.  The workshops are designed to help children fall in love with stories and inspire them to go on to read for pleasure.  There is extensive evidence that children who read for pleasure perform better at exam time. 

The workshops are also designed to work inline with the EYFS, in particular delivering against the Communication & Language, and Literacy objectives.

The workshops take place on Monday afternoons during term time. 



8th Jan      Elves & The Shoemaker

15th Jan    Frog Prince

22nd Jan   Emperor's New Clothes

29th Jan    Wild Swans (Jack & the Beanstalk for Little Learners)

5th Feb      Cinderella

12th Feb     HALF TERM

19th Feb      Chinese Dragon Painter

26th Feb      Pied Piper of Hamelin

5th Mar        Pomegranate seeds (Frog Prince for Little Learners)

12th Mar      Rapunzel

19th Mar      Jason & the Golden Fleece (Cinderella for Little Learners)

26th Mar      Goldilocks




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Workshops are £5 each, payable in a half term block.   You can book online by simply clicking on the link.  

We are also able to offer a 'membership' option where you pay £20 per month.  

Our booking system automatically takes the money from your account for a set number of months (if your child starts in Sept it's 9 months).  You can still use this option midway through the year.  We'll send you an invoice for any sessions that aren't covered by your membership period i.e. if your child is booked if for two half terms which equate to 13 weeks we would use the membership option to pay for 12 of those weeks and then invoice you separately for the 1 week left over.  Click on the link and select the membership option.