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STORY STORKS are proud to offer Interactive Storytelling workshops at Summerfield House Day Nursery for children in the pre-school year. 

Each week our storyteller will take the children on a different adventure, helping giants to count their gold, fight dragons, rescuing the little pigs and ride our horses to save the day.  The workshops are designed to help children fall in love with stories and insipire them to go on to read for pleasure.  There is extensive evidence that children who read for pleasure perform better at exam time. 

The workshops are also designed to work inline with the EYFS, in particular delivering against the Communication & Language and Literacy objectives.

The workshops take place on Monday afternoons during term time. 


22nd February - 21st March 2016 (5 weeks)

11th April - 23rd May (7 weeks)

6th June - 18th July (7 weeks)

If you would like to sign your child up for workshops you can do so at any time.  Simply fill in the form below and we'll contact you directly.