29th & 30th May 2018  

Rose Theatre & Welcare House, Kingston

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STORY STORKS invites you to join our professional actors in a storytelling adventure this half term.  Kiss a frog, enchant some rats and save the day with music, song, laughter and madcap fun.  



29th May - The Frog Prince

10:05am MERMAIDS & PIRATES (2 - 7 yrs)

10:55am FAIRIES & ELVES (1-2yrs)

11:30am PIXIEIS & SPRITES (12 weeks to 1yr)


51- 53 Canbury Park Road, Kingston

30th May - The Pied Piper of Hamelin

9:30am MERMAIDS & PIRATES (2-7 yrs)

11:00am FAIRIES & ELVES (1-2 yrs)

Workshops are £7.50 each if booked before the Half term begins.  You can still book during the holidays, but workshops will have reverted to their full price of £8.50.  Places must be booked in advance.  Younger (and older) siblings are welcome.  If the younger sibling is 18 months or older, then we ask that you book them a place as they will want to join in!  Children must be accompanied at all times during the workshops.  Workshops are non-refundable.