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STORY STORKS is a social enterprise on a mission to inspire kids in the borough to become readers for pleasure and we're hoping that we'll be able to create a winning theatre formula which will enable us to make lot's of profit which we can then plough back into our projects to get vulnerable kids reading.  However creating that formula takes quite a bit of time, effort and cash so we could do with some help.  We can reduce our costs considerably if we can beg, steal and borrow our props, costumes, scenery, lighting etc.  

And of course if anyone knows Elton John and can get him to donate to the project that would work too!  

We'd love it if you could have a look at the list below and if you have anything you wouldn't mind letting us borrow then we will offer you our eternal gratitude and a level of acknowledgement fitting of the item loaned!  

This project is 100% asset locked meaning that if you do want to make a donation, be it Elton John sized or teeny tiny, then it would be gratefully received and every penny would go towards putting together a show that inspires kids to read.  

Thanks in advance.  Sarah xxxx

PROPS – to be announced

COSTUMES – to be announced


  • We’re looking to borrow some large exhibition stands so that we can print a panel for our scenery and pack it away nice and small.  Ideally we’re looking to borrow three large stands.


  • In All Saints Church we’re looking to put up exhibition panels to screen off our performance area from view of the general public (and to stop the little ones getting distracted!)  If you have an exhibition panel or some screening that we could borrow then please let us know.

  • We’re looking for children’s chairs or benches to borrow for the three Monday performances at All Saints Church.  We can return them the same day if you need them back quickly.

  • We’re also looking for mats or cushions to put on the floor for little ones to sit on.  Or a great big rug. 


  • We need fairy lights – lots of them!

  • We also need stand lights if you have any lying around


  • Although hair mics would be lovely we can do just as well with lapel mics.  As long as they’re wireless they’ll work for us.  If you have any then please let us know.

  • Any help with loans of speakers would also be greatly appreciated.

  • Mixing desk!  Am I pushing it now!!


  • Do you have a space that we could use to rehearse free of charge?  Even if it’s just a one off? 


If you can help in anyway then in the first instance please contact Sarah Cantrill at Story Storks either via e-mail, Phone 07758 449196 or by post 20 Minerva Road, Kingston, KT1 2QA.